7 Must-Visit Travel Destinations for Games Enthusiasts

Once upon a time, the word „gamer“ was reserved for those unique folks in the chess club who rolled dice on strange maps. But times have changed, and now, alongside the trivia wizards of movies and the folks who dress up like their favourite characters, gamers hold a special place in our hearts. Video games bring together characters from books, movies, TV shows, and even legends from our neighbourhoods. So, if you’re into geeky things, these cities are the place to be. We picked them because they’re a haven for the gaming community, with top-notch internet, loads of e-sports competitions, and plenty of shops for all your gaming needs.

7 Awesome Destinations for Game Enthusiasts

London, United Kingdom

London stands as the ultimate destination for a delightful gaming culture. The gaming scene in London has blossomed, offering numerous spots where gamers can gather to play games or catch exciting matches. And don’t forget to see if the Red Bull Gaming Sphere is open during your London visit – it’s a gaming haven with cutting-edge VR headsets, gaming consoles, and thrilling race simulators for those craving a bit of competition.

But for gamers seeking a different kind of thrill, London also boasts a rich football and betting culture. The entire UK is steeped in football traditions, often merged with bets on matches and tournaments. It’s a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in London’s lively gaming scene.

While many destinations can captivate gamers, choosing places with a meaningful gaming culture or significance is wise. The good news is that these destinations typically offer a diverse range of activities, allowing gamers to unwind and explore new experiences when they need a break from the gaming world.

Atlantic City, USA

Atlantic City is a gaming haven where you’ll find folks sipping coffee while battling board games and chess enthusiasts facing off right on the streets. It’s renowned as one of the top spots for gaming and gambling in the USA.

If you’re in the mood for physical games, head to the beach for some football or volleyball action. However, it’s the casinos that truly draw in most gamers. So, if you have tried all Malta-based online casinos and want to try something new, Atlantic City is a travel destination that you should consider.

Atlantic City is a heavyweight in the casino scene. With thousands of square feet of casino spaces, you can try slot machines, table games, and all sorts of gambling around the clock, seven days a week.

If you’re up for more casino experiences, New Jersey offers plenty beyond Atlantic City.

Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles, the city of Angels, is a hub for all kinds of entertainment. From TV shows to music, blockbuster movies, and even gaming, it’s got it all. Big names like EA Sports and PlayStation have set up shop in this vibrant city. But that’s not all LA has to offer. There’s Disneyland Park for a dose of magic and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for art enthusiasts.

Gamers can soak in the city’s charms when they’re not at conferences or meetups. Los Angeles boasts lightning-fast internet, and there are loads of internet cafés for gamers who bring their own rigs to enjoy. So, whether you’re here to game or explore, LA’s got something for everyone.

Oslo, Norway

While the esports craze swept through other renowned European cities, Oslo remained relatively untouched. With just a handful of gamers in the know, you can savour this hidden gem before the crowds descend upon Oslo when things return to normal.

For gaming enthusiasts, Norway boasts the second-fastest internet speed in all of Europe. Cutting-edge technology is readily available, sparing you the need to lug around your own computer. You’ll find plenty of cafes and internet hotspots where you can dive into gaming, and many hotels even offer top-of-the-line computers for your use.

And don’t miss out on the downtown Oslo Entertainment Centre when you’re in Oslo. It’s become a mecca for experiencing a wide array of gaming tech and hardware, making your visit to the city even more memorable.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, the cradle of e-sports, set the world on fire with its gaming fervour before the pandemic disrupted things. While there might not be as many tournaments or gaming gatherings in Seoul right now, it remains a sacred ground for gamers to pay tribute to where it all began.

What makes Seoul even more enticing for gamers is its knack for affordable hardware and some of the fastest internet speeds globally. But for all this and beyond, look no further than Seongnam.

In Seoul, you’ll also discover the renowned PC rooms that have gained worldwide fame. Here, players can book a cosy cubicle decked out with the latest PC gear, software, and games. Whether you bring your own computer or not, hours of gaming delight await in these little sanctuaries. Plus, they sweeten the deal with food and other essentials delivered right to your gaming nook.

Stockholm, Sweden

If you’re more of a video game enthusiast, Stockholm is a world-renowned haven. Surprisingly, esports isn’t officially recognized as a sport in Sweden, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a significant part of Swedish culture.

Sweden proudly hosts the globe’s most massive LAN party and computer festival, known as DreamHack, which kickstarted back in the 1990s and now attracts travellers from all corners of the world.

In Stockholm, you’ll find some of the highest-earning esports players in history, including several accomplished female pros. It’s worth noting that Minecraft, the iconic game, was born right here in Sweden. And if you happen to be using public transport with Candy Crush on your phone, you’ll fit right in with the locals.

Moreover, Swedes have a fondness for lotteries and number games, and they can maintain a killer poker face, so approach card games with caution when challenging them.

Copenhagen, Denmark

When it comes to board games, make your way to Denmark in Scandinavia; Copenhagen boasts some of the world’s finest cafes that offer board games free of charge.

Here, it’s a cherished part of the culture to huddle in a cafe, sharing a board game before moving on to the next spot. The concept of „Hygge,“ which revolves around creating intimacy and cosiness, is deeply ingrained in Danish culture, and board games fit snugly into this warm atmosphere.

Danish folks grow up playing board games, and they hold a special nostalgia for these pastimes. Sitting in a cafe or a dedicated gamers‘ space, playing a game provides a precious opportunity to disconnect from technology and share a social moment with fellow enthusiasts.

And let’s not forget Copenhagen is renowned as one of the world’s premier food cities, so why not relish some culinary delights while dominating the Monopoly board?!

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